DENSO Manufacturing Czech is a leading European producer of air-conditioners and their parts for Toyota,VW, Audi, Skoda, Lamborghini, Mercedes - Benz, BMW, Suzuki and other car companies.

Being a subsidiary company of the international Japanese company DENSO CORPORATION, DENSO Manufacturing Czech employs approximately 2 500 associates and its annual turnover in fiscal year 2016 comes to more than 447 mil Euro. The company was established on 12th July 2001 and is located in Liberec, in the Industrial Zone South. With its initial deposit of around CZK 3 billion the company continues to have one of the biggest foreign investments in Czech Republic.

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  • Monday, 16. January, 2017

    Completion ceremony of the 4th year of Team Leaders Academy

    On Monday January 22, 2017, we held a ceremony with company president and fresh ten graduates of the 4th year of Team Leaders Academy.

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  • Friday, 29. April, 2016

    Quality also got the extension area <common laboratory>

    In recent months we often mentioned activities the company has engaged in, in order to increase logistic efficiency and simplify material flow inside the plant. However our QALITY FIRST policy did not stay behind.  As a part of Dantotsu project not only the west extension was erected but our two laboratories (Pre-series (BDQA) and Series (MQA) Laboratory) were connected together. The new laboratory now occupies the rooms of former series laboratory which was extended by adding an extra floor. The entire project took one year to complete (from layout design to start of operation) and consumed the amount of 13 mil. CZK.

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  • Wednesday, 28. March, 2018

    Actual information about merging

    DENSO MANUFACTURING CZECH s.r.o. (DMCZ) and DENSO AIR SYSTEMS CZECH s.r.o. (ASCZ) took the next step in merging and strengthening their business operations in the Czech Republic.

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  • Friday, 10. March, 2017

    Merging of DMCZ and ASCZ

    DENSO MANUFACTURING CZECH s.r.o. (DMCZ) and DENSO AIR SYSTEMS CZECH s.r.o. (ASCZ) announce that both companies decided to jointly explore much stronger business relationship in Czech Republic. Both companies are based in the Industrial Zone South in Liberec.

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