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Q&A coronavirus situation March 24 update

1. Corona Crisis Team (L. Hájek, S. Vats,T. Švagerka, K. Tokunaga, V. Pařízková, D. Vrtal, N. Isobe, J. Heteš) purpose and responsibility: the team has to assure quick decision and consistent info flow both up and down. Meets every day @9, update Q&A & publish. Employee‘s suggestions and corona related inputs to be directed to members of Cricis team for decision;

2. Veil wearing: Government decision. Citizen responsibility. Denso supporting to purchase the veils for people who don‘t have chance to manage their own. Distribution via reception through supervisors request; person without mask to be sent home for unpaid leave from Sunday night shift. The posters for general awareness increase to be distributed today. Weekend is comming please support your coleagues and donate homemade masks (reception). Please keep social distance

3. Wearing of veil and safety glasses: Both is mandatory.

4. Company operation suspension probability: We are considering. We consider majority of lines to be stoped 2nd half of this week. DMCZ is trying to build the stock ASAP based on customer demands to stop the lines for employee protection.

5. Layoff compensation Compensation according to Collective Labour Agreement (66, than 74%);

6. Body temperature measurement: Citizen responsibility to follow up his health status. DMCZ enable to measure body temperature upon request on voluntary basis – please contact security at employee‘s entrance. In case of increased temperature above 37,5, contact your doctor.

7. Hand disinfection: Disinfectants are not available on market, we continuously try to ensure and when we manage to procure, we will install other hand disinfection station. In meantime please make sure you wash your hands properly. Should you have contact for potential supplier please inform Admin team.

8. We continuously monitor actual situation, currently we do have no infected employees

9. All Gov. Directives are to be posted in corridor – 1 whiteboard dedicated

10. Contact with potentially infected person. Please get the qaranteene cerificate from your physician. If not please agree with your supervisor on holiday or other paid or unpaid leave.

11. SGA Layoff. Following order to be implemented: 1. Holiday 2019 consumption / 2.HO where added value of work from home can be tracked / 3.Holiday 2020 or layoff according to CLA / 4. Implementation of „kurzarbeit“ as soon government publish the detailed rules. HODs to prepare 1st draft of plan by Wed 25th