Coronavirus - 12. june

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Q&A coronavirus situation June 12th update

Current information (requirements of the Czech and Polish governments) 12.6.2020

From 13 June 2020, all border crossings between Poland and the Czech Republic will be opened.

From 15.6.2020 00:00 (from midnight on Sunday 14.6.2020 to Monday 15.6.2020) it will not be necessary to have a negative coronavirus test (so-called PCR test) for Polish workers when entering the Czech Republic (if Poland remains green color according to the degree risks of infection.
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Denso message to Polish employees:

Those who do not have a negative test for coronavirus (they have not been tested) and have a night shift next week (week 25), do not drive on the first night shift from Sunday 14.6.2020 to Monday 15.6.2020, because you would still need a test for coronavirus while crossing Polish-Czech borders at the time (on Sunday 14.6.2020 at about 21:00) >>> test will not be needed after midnight; please contact your supervisor.

For workers from other shifts: if you are not sure about the shifts or if they will need you at work >>> contact your supervisor